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Governance, Board Services – Human Capital Appraisal and Executive Team Assessment



1. Governance and Board Services

Over the last few years the climate in which companies operate and the demand for better and more transparent corporate governance have impacted on companies globally. The well-publicized problems of large corporations across the world have refocused attention on corporate governance and the independence of directors, but are only accelerating a trend that has been present for some years.

While there are different stages of development in different countries, there is an underlying trend to appoint independent directors to boards who can bring their experience to bear and help the executive team while at the same time ensuring extremely high and transparent standards of corporate governance. New requirements, which take the appointment of independent director well beyond the use of personal or company networks, mean that boards and appointment committees are increasingly requiring search and selection for independent and non-executive directors to be carried out at arm’s length and in a rigorous and competitive fashion.

The process will include:
– A full briefing on the requirements of the role and its interaction with other members of the board. This requires discussions with several board directors
– Approving a full candidate specification before the search is commenced
– Thorough reference checking and evaluation
– A rigorous and transparent process to which the board and appointments committee can refer


2. Human Capital Appraisal and Executive Team Assessment

Alexander Hughes assessment solutions target Board, Management Committee, C-Suites Executive roles and teams in specific change contexts, offering our experience of matching corporate strategy with talents:

  • Downturn / Rapid growth / Crisis / New strategy / Market change
  • Strategic streamlining initiative / Restructuring / Cost cutting / Post merger
  • Due diligence
  • Change in the leadership team
  • Succession plans validation

At Alexander Hughes, we believe that reaching performance is based on individual and team leadership competences, effective team dynamics and strong strategic alignment.

Alexander Hughes assessment services aims at answering the following key strategic question: Do you have the right people and the right team to implement your business strategy and to deliver superior performance?

To assess your team and analyze their ability to deliver performance, Alexander Hughes developed its in-house methodology of assessment based on its headhunter’s unique expertise and a partnership with a personal and development tool based on over 25 years of ongoing validated research on high performing teams.

For more information, contact : Corinne Delias : c.delias@alexanderhughes.com,  Philippe Cavat : p.cavat@alexanderhughes.com or Ignacio Pascual : i.pascual@alexanderhughes.com.

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