Alexander Hughes releases Continuity, Innovation and Diversity survey

Alexander Hughes Executive Search Consultants has once again released a comprehensive analysis of the boards of all companies in Denmark with +100 employees. Besides analyzing changes during 2012 – that is, people who joined or left a board during the year, we have in this year’s survey also performed a full analysis of the boards of all companies with +100 employees. The analysis focuses on continuity versus innovation and diversity on the boards in terms of gender balance and representation of foreigners including the nationalities represented, as well as the time of which the members have served in their positions.

Like last year this year’s analysis is conducted on the basis of registrations at The Danish Business Authority managed through BiQ. The analysis includes a total of 1,500 active companies (1,511 companies to be exact) with +100 employees. The results presented are based on the fiscal year 2012 and the year end 2012 respectively.

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