The New E-challenge

In this issue of SEARCH we look at the way the internet revolution is entering a second phase. The second half of 2000 and the beginning of this year have seen many dotcom failures and the British media have focused heavily on these and on the crash in technology stocks. Behind all this negative publicity the number of users and internet transactions has continued to climb. More and more ‘old economy’ companies have embraced the internet as a means of speeding up time to market and taking costs out of their businesses.

From a management viewpoint there is an increasing acceptance that directors and senior managers must all be aware of the way in which the internet can improve their business performance. On-line strategy is no longer the exclusive territory of the IT department.

I have invited Tobin Ireland and Kevin Gaskell to contribute to this issue of our Newsletter. Both are successful businessmen who have grasped the internet opportunity in different ways, and they have been kind enough to share their views and experience with us.

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