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Governance and Board Services
We offer you executive
search and human capital
services at the highest
levels of quality
and professionalism

Governance and Board Services

At Alexander Hughes, our Board Services Practice advises businesses to build Boards that drive strategic growth and governance excellence.

Advising Boards to meet Future Board Challenges

In a context of rapidly changing landscape, business models impacted by ESG factors, data driven economy, heightened regulations, public scrutiny and activism, Boards need to Partner with a firm with a strong Board recruitment process and Board assessment methodology.

At Alexander Hughes, we also believe it is critical to the long-term performance of establishments to understand the Board’s dynamics and build a strong collaborative culture in line with the organization’s leadership style.

Our Specialty Areas:

  • Governance Effectiveness: Our seasoned team of board services experts brings experience and industry knowledge to the table. We understand the unique requirements of today’s boards every step of the way and can tailor our services to ensure your Board operates to the highest standards.
  • Board Recruitment: Whilst being committed to diversity and inclusion we identify potential business leaders armed with the skills to handle important business issues and bring value.
  • Board Assessment: Our Team’s client-centric approach works closely with organizations to understand the Board’s composition, operation providing insights and recommendations to optimize Board effectiveness using our “Client Board Review & Effectiveness” methodology.
  • Board Dynamics: We help Boards to improve their performance by focusing on team dynamics and cohesion.
  • Board & CEO Succession Planning: Our practice also assists clients in their long-term  board succession planning, helping to identify future Board members and future leaders.

We continue to help Board Members share their perspectives / opinions on important new developments in the Board room.

For additional information about our Board Services practice, contact Peter Dolan or Jean-Marie Simon.

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