We offer you executive search and human capital services at the highest levels of quality and professionalism
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Human Capital Assessment
We offer you executive
search and human capital
services at the highest
levels of quality
and professionalism

Human Capital Assessment

  • Assessment with the eye of the head-hunter

All companies declare it… “Our human capital is the most valuable asset of our organisation”. But how many cherish that human capital? How many truly make it thrive and prosper? In an increasingly challenging business climate, you need to have a solid understanding of the diversity and richness of skills within your organisation to be able to support and fully develop your employees.

At Alexander Hughes, we believe that reaching performance is based on individual and team leadership competences, effective team dynamics and strong strategic alignment.

Alexander Hughes’ Human Capital Assessment services work with organisations from around the world to identify and develop the leadership styles, interpersonal and team dynamics, and organisational cultures that enable successful, sustainable business performance. With in-depth knowledge of your industry, the “eye of the Executive Search professional” becomes a true competitive differentiator.

We can blend our mastery in detecting the “hard” skills for job role success with the mastery in behavioural science and methodology to develop the critical “soft” skills required for peak performance and long-term career success. 

We offer a host of solutions to accompany your organisation in the following areas:

  • Assessing your current and desired future corporate culture

While company culture is often thought of as intangible, Alexander Hughes’ Human Capital services shed light on the dominant behaviours that shape your culture, either intentionally or not. Culture cannot be changed for its own sake but in service of a desired strategy. According to specific cultural dimensions such as structure/flexibility, controlling/delegating, diplomatic/direct, individualistic/collaborative, internal/external focus, we work with your leadership team to develop the cultural foundations for tomorrow’s business success.

As organisations take a step back to review their overall vision, mission and strategy, culture, or “how we do things around here”, has become a critical ingredient to ensure long term sustainability. By partnering with your leadership team, we help you make conscious shifts to create a culture that fosters the type of leadership that will propel your organisation forward.

  • Assessing & Developing Top Team Effectiveness

To assess your team and analyse their ability to deliver performance, Alexander Hughes has developed its in-house methodology of team assessment based on its Executive Search’ unique expertise and “CLIENT-Fit”, a proprietary assessment solution.

With a unique approach to revealing the effectiveness of a top leadership team, and leadership consulting capabilities, we can support you in making the right shift to bring about highly effective corporate culture and team collaboration. We design and facilitate team effectiveness workshops that shine a light on the level of dynamism, cohesion, the process of decision-making, risk-taking, conflict resolution, and much more.

  • Assessing & helping you Develop Leadership Skills

Our assessment solutions can be integrated into a range of existing Human Capital initiatives.

– Bringing a level of solidity and validity to your high potential selection and succession planning

– Identifying the Human Capital Assets in the context of a Post-Merger Integration or due diligence

– Supporting strategies relating to organisational development during downturn, rapid growth, crisis, new strategy, market evolution

– Strategic restructuring

– Bringing an objective approach to the decision-making in your candidate shortlist, for sourcing, recruiting or promotions.

– Embedding the assessment methodology into your current talent development programmes.

Indeed, today learning professionals are increasingly challenged to justify the return on investment of their learning and leadership development spend. The missing link is an initial, scalable, assessment phase that can easily be deployed from one to thousands of participants. This ensures individual aspirations; personal development plans and business priorities are fully aligned.

Alexander Hughes is far from a “one-size-fits all” approach. On the contrary, its industry leading solution, called CLIENT-Fit, as its names suggests, can be fully fitted to your specific organisational culture, values and leadership model. And if you’re not sure what that is yet, then we can help you craft it and make it come alive. So, replace the word “CLIENT” with your company name, and you have your very own assessment solution, fit for purpose.

Our CLIENT-Fit proprietary solution stems from a database of over 7 million executives in 40 countries which allows us to examine personality from every angle. By measuring the bright side (strengths), dark side (leadership derailers), and inside (values and motivations) of personality, CLIENT-Fit achieves the highest level of predictive validity in the industry. As well as simplifying how to interpret the data, by linking it to a “compass” that describes your organisational culture, CLIENT-Fit takes that predictive power to an even higher level by revealing:

  • Leadership potential : predictive power to reveal your future leaders
  • Agility : the capacity to adapt one’s leadership style to diverse situations
  • Emotional stability : excelling in resilience in a VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous)
  • Cultural fit : revealing the “fitness” with a target culture and leadership model

So, if you are looking to deploy a leadership assessment and development strategy and shape your culture to be fit for future growth, look no further than Alexander Hughes’ Human Capital Assessment.

For more information: Philippe Cavat : p.cavat@alexanderhughes.com or +33 6 81 69 63 45

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